Value Based Quality of Life Newsletter- June 2014

At MFA we keep looking for ways to add value to our client’s lives. One of the things that we always wanted to do was to create a monthly Newsletter. However we did not want a newsletter because the big boys were doing so.

We always questioned –
What kind of message does it communicate when we send our clients and prospective clients financial information?
Are we really trying to educate them on financial things that we should be doing for them?
Do we want our clients to spend their valuable time learning about things that we should be handling for them? Isn’t that our job? Isn’t that what we get paid to do for people?

We believed that our clients should be enjoying the kind of life they want because we ‘got their back’ and are handling their financial interests so they don’t have to. That is the message they want to hear and to feel confident that they have a relationship with the ‘right’ Advisor who cares about them achieving their goals.

Thus, our search led to “Values-Based Quality of Life” Newsletter which would focus on things that people cannot delegate ( physical health, inner health, career health, and relationship health).

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