Why Financial Coaching?

If we look hard enough, we can easily draw some parallels between the services provided by a Sherpa and a financial coach. What does the Sherpa do? When you’re scaling a mountain - he is your GPS, he guides you and ensures that you stay on the path that would help you achieve your goal of reaching the peak of the mountain. Your financial coach - if he is doing his job right - should be doing something very similar. He should take stock of your goals and guide you as to how they can be achieved while also helping you avoid going ‘off track’ and making costly financial errors. Why do you trust the Sherpa? One word. Experience. He knows the terrain. That same word is why you should have a financial coach you can trust. Experience is key.

Thus at MFA each of our clients have a designated financial coach.

Role of a MFA Financial Coach in Your Life

Our financial coach takes a holistic view of you and your current financial situation. The process begins with a detailed data-gathering exercise, which seeks to document your values about money, your aspirations, your goals, your risk profile, your net worth, your current insurance covers, and your cash inflows & outflows. The financial coach will then analyze this data and - over the span of several weeks - create a Financial Plan.

While the fulfilment that comes from achieving a goal like owning a second home, or going on a great vacation, etc. is immense, most of the time it is only temporary. Before long achieving the zing from achieving these goals tapers off to just being another part of life. "What people really want, way down deep, to be free from worry, to be loved, to love unconditionally, to make a positive difference, and to feel fulfilled". Our mission is to help people focus on the underlying values that lead to satisfaction rather than on affording the things that never seem to.

Disciplined Implementation to create Consistent Results

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Implementation is the pulse of your plan without which it is as good as dead paper. Moving consistently toward the desired target is the other key to success.

Distractions have a way of getting in the way and taking you of course. A financial coach is accountable for keeping you on track and keeping you focused towards achieving your financial goals.

The sooner the implementation follows the plan, the better.

Increased Financial Literacy for you

Financial literacy is financial self-defense. In your interactions – both formal and informal – with our financial coaches you will be clearly made to understand the logic behind the different financial decisions being made on your behalf. These sessions will enrich your knowledge and understanding of the financial markets and will ensure that you make sound investment decisions in the future.

Unbiased Advice

We make sure that each advice given by our financial coaches to you exclusively serves your very own agenda. Such guidance is extremely essential and is one of the pillars of your financial success.