The Art & Science of teaching children about money

Authored by Amar Pandit

About the Book

T his book will equip parents to take hands on approach to make their children financially literate. You do not have to be a CFO or savvy money manager. Even a quick read of the book will give parents ideas, concepts and tools that can be used anytime.

Here are some of the key take-away's':

Financial Literacy is Financial Self-Defense!!


"This book has been written in a very easy to understand format and gives parents a detailed script while guiding children towards Financial Literacy. A variety of scenarios have been narrated. This is extremely useful since it not only gives some answers but also vocabulary which can be used when dealing with situations. It's so important to use appropriate words while communicating difficult or new concepts to children."

-Mala Ramadorai
Educationist and Chief Mentor, TCS-Maitree