Family Office

M FA's FAMILY OFFICE is designed for families who believe that securing their (family's) wealth is as important as creating and protecting it while nurturing and nourishing it, so that it lasts for generations!

Preservation of Legacy & Succession Planning along with mentoring the next generation

For Separation of business and personal assets in a family run business

For a consolidated view and tighter focus of a large and complex portfolio of assets


When a corpus has been built over a period of time through normal saving, ESOPs, sale of a real estate etc, which needs managing

When managing financial affairs becomes overwhelming and complex due to increase in value and variety of assets

When there is a need for risk management and taxation strategy for the entire family

Family Wealth

According to us a family's wealth is not just the money but also the Human Capital and Intellectual Capital.

Family Wealth = Financial Capital + Human Capital + Intellectual Capital

What this means is that managing behaviours and nurturing correct decision making is equally or actually more important and difficult than managing money. That is why we call it "Family Wealth".