Documentation Service

E veryone understands the importance of accurate documentation, organization and having everything correctly updated, in one place and accessible within minutes. However, very few actually do it right.

The retrieval of necessary records at the required time can become stressful, confusing and in the worst cases, cause financial losses. There is a clear need for and great value in documentation.

Another time when the need for documentation comes to the forefront, is the demise of a key family member. Nine out of ten times, the spouse or the children are left running around trying to find relevant documents. Most may be in the dark about things such as investments, EMIs, tax obligations, loans taken or given etc. Also, the family may be left without any actionable will or deed. This can be highly stressful for a family that is already going through a lot.

MFA is here to help! Our unique service 'My Life... Happily Documented' (MLHD), is by far the most comprehensive solution in this space.

Under MLHD, we first understand the current level of your documentation, post which we collect/collate all necessary documents. We then segregate everything in an orderly fashion & preserve your documents perfectly, making them retrievable in minutes! Due diligence of your documents is carried out, so any errors are eliminated. Your family can access all documents easily in your absence. This isn't just done the one time - obviously - we continually update these documents at regular intervals.

Just like that, there is one major source of stress, taken care of for you, for life!

MLHD is a combination of 15 Master Files - or 15 categories. From the evidently important ones like Property Master, Bank Account Master, Identity Master to the not so obvious ones like Utilities Services Master and your Domestic Help Master - every document you may have, is covered. Making life even simpler, we have the Master of Masters which summarizes all master files along with their storage locations!

To understand whether MLHD would be useful to you, answer the following 3 Questions:

  1. Are all your important/relevant documents well organized? Can they be retrieved in under 5 minutes?
  2. If you answered yes, is keeping these documents up to date something that you enjoy doing yourself – taking into consideration your time and effort put into this?
  3. Would any immediate family member be able to retrieve all necessary documents, should you not be around?

If you answered 'No' to any of the above, you need this! Don't just take our word for it, have a look at what one of our client's had to say about MLHD.

MLHD gives you peace of mind. Do experience it!