Litomania Exclusive Sessions Invite

Litomania is an unconventional LitFest celebrating the rise of Indian writing. It aims to be the bridge between the best Indian authors and their readers.

Indian authors have done exceedingly well in recent years. Indian readers have taken a fancy for Indian writing. Litomania is a chance for readers to come face to face with their favorite authors and to discover what it is that motivates them to write.

There will be an interesting mix of panel discussions, entertainment, masterclasses, workshops and book launches- all at one destination.

MFA is a proud sponsor of the Masterclasses conducted by the biggest names in Indian authors. We have special “By Invitation Only” passes for some exclusive sessions which are listed below. Please check the attachment  for details of each of these sessions.

Rest of the festival schedule will be available on soon for online registrations which are open to all.

Litomania-MFA_Masterclass Invite_At a glance