Book Review

The Art & Science of teaching children about money- By Amar Pandit.

All parents want their children to be multi-talented and best-equipped to face the big world outside. And in their quest to do so, they enrol their children in as many classes as you can- dance, gymnastics, singing, drawing, karate…..phew!

In their mad race, they often complete overlook the one thing will stare point-blank at their child the moment they step into the world- money.

Every issue your child has to deal with will in some way be related to money. No matter how good your child is in all the other skills, if she can’t handle financial issues she will be in big trouble.

Financial Planner Amar Pandit’s latest book, The Art & Science of Teaching Children About Money will help you avoid the above scenario for your precious darling. Pandit uses his own parenting experience to explain and provides a step-by-step method to financially educate your child.

Most parents consciously keep their children away from financial matters, which according to the author is incorrect. In fact, he encourages parents to take their children to banks and involve them in their discussions about family financial issues; kids learn most by just observing.

The writer uses simple language and answers most of the queries children have about money. He gives simple tips and tricks to teach your child money matters, depending on her age. Reading this book and applying the principles given in it will make your child completely ready to face the world- in the true sense of the world.

By Christy Melroy.