Episode Description

Greetings, Glad to announce that MFA is launching a new podcast called 'The MPowered Women Podcast' We believe that Financial Independence is a birthright for every woman and it is the responsibility of each woman to achieve it.

To encourage this, we have come up with this podcast that will empower women to take charge of their finances and help them become financially independent.

Established in 2005, MFA is one of the most respected Goal-based investing firms in the financial services industry. We help our clients make smart and informed decisions about their money. Right from the beginning, our approach to personal finance has been based on trust, honesty and doing the right things for our clients.

In this episode, we have with us the brilliant and iconic actress, Vidya Balan in conversation with our CEO, Chitra Iyer. This interview was organized specially on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Listen to Vidya as she talks about her views on financial independence for women as she explains her own journey and the role that MFA has played in her financial life.

We sincerely hope that you listen to this Podcast and also share it with all women you know. If you want to get more clarity on your Personal Finances, please click here to book a Free 30-min Meeting Or Contact us at - (+91) 8928006145 / teammfa@myfinad.in In Pursuit of Your Happiness, Team MFA