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The Celebrity Family Office
A creative artist or sport star has a limited shelf life and wants to dedicate the maximum of this time to their creative or athletic pursuits.
Time is a luxury you seldom have. In the absence of time as well as accurate information one tends to depend a lot on intuition to make one’s financial decisions. At other times these decisions get delegated to a trusted family member, chartered accountant, associate, etc.
While these people may have your best interests in their minds, they may not be the most qualified to handle your money or be in tune with the current financial environment. We have also seen many bankers / insurance agents / financial advisors take your money for a ride and making you hoard a lot of pricey financial products.
Other challenges that a celebrity often needs to overcome are:
  1. No empowering vision or purpose for money – What is important about money to you?
  2. A short shelf-life and shorter income spans – A tendency to earn it fast but blow it faster
  3. Lack of time – Resulting in over dependence on intuition and non experts
  4. Investment decisions in isolation – Missing out on the big picture
  5. Delegated to non-experts
  6. Lack of financial literacy – Financial Literacy is Financial Self Defence
Just like a termite attack, it is often too late before you realize the damage has already been done and your net-worth has been seriously eroded.
But all is not lost. Timely intervention by our trusted financial coaches can save the day. Just like you need a family physician and a personal fitness trainer, who takes care of your physical health, you also need a financial coach who makes sure that your money is in the pink of health.
Your financial coach diagnoses your current financial situation, and allows you to prevent, correct, or even reverse the effects of costly financial mistakes which you may already have made or are likely to make in the future.
Like a personal CFO, a financial coach will not disturb your existing arrangements and let you or your confidante play the CEO and maintain control over the final decision. Together we can help you to plan, and execute your financial goals down to the T.
  1.   Risk Management
Taking stock of all risks to the client and family – death, disability, accident, security, divorce and so on. Finding best ways to mitigate risks.
  2.   360° Wealth Advisory Services
A Written Comprehensive Financial Strategy – updated annually
Quarterly Reviews with respect to your goals
Quarterly Goals Report
Opportunistic Calls based on state of the economy and markets
Implementation of all Investments - Cash, Debt, Equity and Gold
  3.   Real Estate
A Comprehensive Presentation on Real Estate Investment Strategy and creation of your Real Estate Portfolio.
Cash Flow Analysis.
An Inventory of all your property documents in one place – DO you and your wife know where all your documents are kept today? Digitize key documents and keep it in one place for easy access.
Half yearly review of your property investment.
EMI analysis & Getting the best rate for home loan.
Identifying properties based on your mandate. Initial Due Diligence on the property.
Negotiating on your behalf with builders, buyers/sellers, brokers, bankers and others.
Execution of transaction.
  4.   Private Equity  
  5.   Administrative
E-scanning all of your financial and non – financial key documents.
Taking stock of all your document filing and making recommendations.
Co-ordination with your CA and ensuring things are filed and done on time.
Collection of premiums, key payments to be done and other administration things important to your situation.
Concierge Services for you.
  6.   Estate Planning and Trusts
Preparation of Will
Preparation of Power of Attorney (if required)
Leave & License Agreement
Creation of Trusts (if required)
  7.   Art Advisory  
  8.   Global Investments  
  9.   Advisory on Philanthropy  
10.   Consolidated Reporting  
11.   Family Communication
Yearly Family Meeting
Family Members Financial Education.

12.   Legal, Taxation and Investment


We have assembled a team of experts in the areas of Law, Taxation, International Taxation, and Investment Banking specifically for our family office` clients.
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