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Financial Planning for Doctors

After helping the topmost doctors of the country streamline their finances, allow best-selling author, and India’s most sought after financial planner - Amar Pandit - and his elite team of MFA Financial Coaches to personally work with you on creating and executing your personal financial strategy.

Why financial planning for doctors?

Real estate is the hot favourite investment for most doctors. This along with the fact that they have a large number of loans running at the same time ends up creating a black hole which sucks up most of their liquidity.
As any other professional who is trading their time and knowledge to generate an income, doctors are hard pressed for time. In the daily grind of things, their personal finances therefore end up taking a back-seat. The end result is that investments are either done in a very unstructured and ad-hoc manner; or the decision-making process gets delegated to a non-expert.
Some doctors believe that the objective of tax planning is to minimize taxes and often end up doing things that are not in their best interest. This myopic vision results in several loans, investment in real estate, and life insurance in an unplanned fashion.
Inadequate risk mitigation against risks of death, disability, professional liability, and loss of income.
Lack of a financial plan.

The MFA Edge

We are the only firm in the country to have a specialized and separate practice for doctors. With an extensive experience in working with doctors, we have an advantage in understanding the unique challenges faced by doctors when it comes to their personal finances.
Based on our strong understanding of our doctor clients, Amar authored a book “Financial Planning for Doctors” which later became a best-seller.
Our Doctor clients have access to our Financial Coaches who can guide them on various matters beyond the scope of a traditional wealth management engagement. Some examples include discussions on raising or structuring capital for their hospital projects, business plans, advice on websites, marketing and recruitment.


  A Written Comprehensive Financial Strategy – updated annually
  Quarterly Reviews with respect to your goals
  Quarterly Goals Report
  Opportunistic Calls based on state of the economy and markets
  An Inventory of all your financial documents in one place – DO you and your wife know where all your documents are kept today?
  Scanning all your key financial documents and personal documents.
  Maintaining digital scanned copies of all your documents in a central repository with complete access to you (Billed Separately) –Dedicated Space for you for interaction with our Client Support Associate dedicated to your account.
  1 Financial Coaching Session with Senior Partner in the Firm
  1 Complimentary Discussion Session on practice growth or setting up business
  Arranging different types of Loans for you (Home Loan , Commercial Loan & LAP)
  Availability to discuss any financial matter that is of importance to you.
  Basic Will
  Advise on Real Estate : Our Real Estate division will take care of any specific real estate requirement that you would have – Purchase/Sale of Residential , Commercial Property & Land.
  Co-ordinating with your CA and working as a team for you
  Platinum Plan
  Will /Power of Attorney/ Leave & License Agreements
  Trust for Minor Children– Are Life Insurance policies endorsed under MWP Act? (Married Womens Property Act)
  Help with Business Plan
  Capital Raising for you. (Loans, Venture Capital , Private Equity etc.)
  Company Share Transfers (Correspondence with Company)
  Advice on Legal Matters (Not with Written Opinion).
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